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Department of Internal Medicine

Dr Heerak Singh
The Department of Internal Medicine in Synergy Institute of Medical Sciences is a team of highly qualified and experienced physicians who are fully devoted to ensure the overall wellbeing of the patient. With the aim of early diagnosis and prompt management, here we also perceive ailment in a broad horizon emphasizing on prevention & control of diseases in totality. The Department provides cross-specialty care for patients with the entire gamut of clinical conditions. Backed by tremendous expertise, our consultants aim to provide comprehensive and compassionate care across all dimensions from preventive health to curative health with round the clock back up from allied departments like cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, neurology, nephrology, rheumatology and psychiatry.


The services provided under the specialty include:

Chronic Illnesses:

Serial evaluation & work-up with proper management of all forms of chronic illnesses in coordination with different specialists ensuring holistic care.

Management of Infectious diseases

like Malaria, Typhoid fever, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, Dengue fever, influenza etc.

Management of drug overdoses and poisoning by providing active emergency care.

Environmental & occupational disease management:

Includes diseases due to Industrial chemical exposure, drowning, electrical injuries, radiation injuries, snake bite, lizard bite, dog bite, insect or scorpion bite

Allergy workup and management

Pre-employment checks/ Executive health checkups

Critical care:

Intensive care treatment and management of critically ill/compromised patients, infectious diseases, drug overdose and poisoning and other medical emergencies like Septicaemia, diabetic ketoacidosis, shock of any kind, meningitis, pneumonia etc. Modern and world class standard intensive care unit with step down intensive care wards. Efficient nursing care.