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Concept of Synergy & Logo

The term synergy comes from the Greek word 'syn-ergos', which means 'working together'. We believe that it is the synergy of essential elements that holds life together, and makes us healthy living beings. Synergy means balanced, co-ordinated, synchronized joint work and cooperative action. When one plus one is more than two, synergy exists. Behind every phenomenon of universe there lies 'synergy'; life itself is synergy between matter and energy. Where 'I' is replaced by 'WE', Synergy exists. A hospital is 'synergy' between doctors, patients and technology for healthy life.

The Penta colour 'Synergy logo' consisting of five pyramids with undulating boundaries, each with a distinct round head, symmetrically settled in a circular plane signify co-existence of five happy people dancing together in perfect harmony to celebrate life.

According to ancient vedic scriptures the entire physical universe and every living and non living element in it including our bodies are made up of Panchbhootas, (5 elements) i.e., Agni (Fire), Vaayu( Air), Jal(Water), Prithvi(Earth), Aakash(Space). Earth gives shape, figures and smell to our bodies, Space provides sound, Fire gives thirst and hunger, Water supports fluids and blood and Air gives feeling of touch. Circular composition of 5 figures (the most stable number in numerology) is symbolic of wheel of life which describes the cause of all evil and its effects, mirrored in earthly phenomena just as it is experienced by everyone from the cradle to the grave in natural progression of life.

The SYNERGY logo not only illustrates five dimensions of core specialities; Cardio, Neuro, Gastro, Renal, Trauma and Critical care but also depicts synergetic co-existence of Doctors, Support Staff, Attendants and Visitors cooperating for a synergistic effect on Patient’s health as a unified force.