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Our Core Values


A hospital that is fully alive to the pain and sufferings, sensitive to the concerns and worries of the patients as well as their attendants. A hospital dedicated to mitigate the sufferings and relieve the stress and anxiety by providing the services that are acceptable, affordable, safe and reliable. At Synergy we put the patient first in everything we do. No matter where in the hospital we work, we remember always that caring for the individual patient and his or her family is at the heart of our mission and our philosophy.


We adhere to an uncompromising code of ethics that emphasizes complete honesty, transparency and sincerity. Through our words and actions, we earn the complete trust of our patients and their families, our community and our coworkers. We seek to do the right thing, always and everywhere, in our day-to-day work and lives.


At Synergy, we continuously strive for excellence. We never stop learning and working to improve our skills, programs and services.


Synergy itself mean teamwork. We can only achieve our mission and goals by working together. Through the collective and coordinated efforts of our staff, we apply our diverse talents, backgrounds, ideas and experiences to create solutions and benefit patients. We value team success over individual success.


Compassion adds an element of stronger affective response and deeper awareness of the concrete reality of the patient's "illness" experience. Compassionate care signifies an evolved human capacity which has a clear impact on patient outcomes and professional flourishing. We treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity - the way I want to be treated


  • Safety - Providing a safe and secure environment for our all.
  • Professionalism - Doing the best of my ability & doing our best as a team
  • Respect - Valuing the dignity, privacy, needs & contributions of all
  • Experience - Putting ourselves in the shoes of those we serve
  • Efficiency - optimum use of resources to improve processes & outcomes


  • Guard against adverse Environment and Safety risks
  • Recycle, Reduce & Re-use
  • Conserve Energy Enhance efficient use of resources
  • Compliance with legal and other requirements
  • Nurture and promote environmental safety awareness


    Being established and managed by doctors, we defiantly understand our patients needs and expectations better. We understand that modern healthcare, especially tertiary care superspecialty services are expensive and difficult to afford by majority of population. This is true that real Quality comes with own cost, and biggest challenge is to strike the right balance between quality and cost. We are committed to provide patient centric, comprehensive world class quality by compassionate professionals, affordable and accessible to masses. All our services are genuinely priced and among the lowest in their category.