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Institute of Neuro Sciences

Department of Neurology Deptt. of Neuro Critical Care Department of Neuro Surgery
Dr. Krishan Avtar
M.D.(Medi), D.M.(Neuro), D.H.A
Gold Medalist
Senior Consultant and Head
Dr Ujjwal Daspal
Dr (Col.) Ajay Bisht
Senior Consultant and Head

Institute of Neurosciences provide state of art services for comprehensive management of neurological and neurosurgical disorders through cutting edge infrastructure, technology and skilled compassionate professional team.

Technological & Infrastructure Highlights

  • 1.5 Tesla Siemens Whole body MRI system with TIM & multi voxel spectroscopy
  • Multislice Siemens Emotion CT scan with 3 D imaging and CT angiography
  • Full flat panel Siemens Artis Zee CATH lab system with dedicated neurovascular interventional software
  • Advanced Neurophysiology lab having Vedio EEG - 32 channel , EEG -21channel, Brain mapping , Nerve Conduction & electromyography studies, EP studies - VEP, BERA , SEP & P-300
  • Fully equipped Neuro ICU and HDU having central multipera monitoring , 2:1 ratio ventilators and all advanced life support facilities under direct care of Neurointensivist.
  • Stroke unit for co-ordinated and rapid comprehensive management of Stroke by giving TPA or emergency stroke surgery
  • Round the clock , Head injury and polytrauma management level 3 services
  • Dedicated Class 100 Neurosurgical modular OT with Hepa filters and specialised Neurosurgical Table-Neurostar 4S, Aspire view-GE Anasthesia work station with Asculap instruments sets
  • Carl-Ziess Vario S-88, latest n advanced Neurosurgical operating microscope system, Carl Stroz Neuro endoscopic system,
  • Meditronics Midas REX Craniotome & drill system
  • Colour Doppler , 4-D Ultrasound , DEXA scan and digital X Ray
  • Round the clock support from NABL Accredidated pathology & microbiology
  • Inhouse support from Psychiatry, Neuro Otology, Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation, Psychotherapy, Nutrition & dietetics

Services Offered:

Migraine and other headaches, Speech & Swallowing Disorders, Epilepsy and fainting attacks, Walking & Balancing Difficulty, Dizziness and vertigo, Visual Disturbances, Tingling & Numbness, Weakness & Paralysis, Bladder Control problums, Sleep Disturbances, Cranio facial pain, Neuro infections, Demyelinating disorders.

Brain Surgeries - All Brain Tumour including those of base of skull, Neuro-endoscopy, Vascular surgeries (aneurysms, AVMs, Bypass, CEA etc.), Epilepsy surgeries, Pediatric brain surgery, surgery for Trigeminal Neuralagia, surgeries of peripheral nerves.

Spine Surgeries - Micro-lumbar discectomy, Spinal Fusion, Percutaneous fixation & discectomy, Disc replacement, Endoscopic surgeries and all type of Spinal Tumours.