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Department of Endocrinology

Dr Anubhav Thukral
The Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism at Synergy Hospital offers comprehensive services in diagnosis, treatment and management of all hormone related disorders. Hormones are secretions from glands which act at various target sites in the body. These secretions are from ductless glands, i.e., they are poured directly into the blood, hence the name, ‘endocrine glands.’ Diabetes is one of the major disorder of endocrinology. The department offers a broad range of services for the management of diabetes, thyroid disorders, growth and pubertal abnormalities in children, infertility in males and females, osteoporosis, pituitary and adrenal disorders, obesity management, hormone replacement therapy and various other hormonal disorders. We run various specialized clinics which offer multidisciplinary and comprehensive care in the management of various endocrine disorders. The department is supported by DEXA scan for bone mineral density, radiology imaging for thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal disorders; and state-of-the-art diagnostic solutions in radiology and hormone analysis.